Our Mission

The Taft Institute for Government has a mission to support, assist, and encourage teachers in public, parochial, and private schools to foster a full range of civic involvement leading to citizen action, particularly young citizens, those who will inherit and sustain our democratic political culture. To this end, we offer programs for the civic education of teachers and their pupils from kindergarten to college, regularly providing scholarships to attend an annual summer institute and fall seminars, as well as an array of community, school simulation, foreign policy, and economic education activities.

We deeply believe that highly motivated and well-informed teachers are and will continue to be the best agents for building positive attitudes toward democratic participation, from consumer decisions to active engagement with elections and community organizations.

 Currently, we have a series of projects that we would like to expand or initiate, including:

Additional scholarships for teachers (at a cost of approximately $1,000 for a summer/fall program for three graduate credits).

Book and materials fairs designed to acquaint teachers of grades K-12 with the wide and wonderful range of social science and history materials available to them for classroom instruction on such topics as The US Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Legislative Process, Current National and International Issues, etc.

Community education programs aimed at socializing and organizing immigrant groups into the American political system of voting and participation.